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For news relating to financial result and corporate actions, please refer to our announcements at SGX website.

Whistle Blowing

If you come across any illegal and unscrupulous activities or other possible improprieties that involve ITE Group’s staff and/or business partners, you may file a whistle-blowing report to ITE by writing directly to the Chairman of the Audit Committee (“AC”).

The contact details of the Chairman of the AC are

  Mr. Tang An

  1 Harrison Road #01-01

  ITE Electric Building

  Singapore 369652

  Email: sztang138@163.com

Whistle-blowers should report their concerns in good faith.  We encourage whistle-blowers to provide their names and contacts in case further information or clarification is required.  All whistle-blowing reports and identities of the whistle-blowers will be kept strictly confidential.

All whistle-blowing reports will be investigated promptly, professionally, fairly, honestly and in accordance with the Company’s Whistle-Blowing Policy.  Findings from the investigations and the follow-up actions taken or to be taken will be reported to the AC and Board of Directors.